Terms and Conditions for physical $500 Gift Card

  1. The $500 Gift Card is only valid for dine-in, food and beverage consumption at the designated restaurant.
  2. The $500 Gift Card is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance listed on the back of the card (no blackout dates).
  3. Multiple $500 Gift Cards of the same restaurant can be used in a single transaction.
  4. The $500 Gift Card can only be used once, and unused balance will not be refunded.
  5. Damaged $500 Gift Card will not be accepted; kindly present the Gift Card upon payment.
  6. The $500 Gift Card is not for sale and is non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts.
  7. In case of disputes, the decision of Lan Kwai Fong Concepts shall be final.